How Do You Clean Non-Removable Couch Cushions

Some couches have cushions attached to them. You cannot remove these cushions for cleaning. Now that might seem a little difficult but there are a few easy methods to tackle such cushions. Given below are 4 Non-Removable Couch Cushions Cleaning methods from My Couch Cleaners for non-removable cushions. You can use any method that suits the fabric of your cushions. 

However, remember that not all cleaning solvents will suit all cushions, even if the method seems easy. Inspect the material and the condition of your cushions before cleaning them. 

Clean Non-Removable Couch Cushions

These Are Steps You Can Follow for Non-Removable Couch Cushions Cleaning:

  • Check the areas of the chair & sofa cushions which are soiled or are stained.
  • Spray an enzyme cleaner or a suitable cleaning solvent or agent on these particular areas. 
  • Let it sit for a while before washing the area gently with water. Repeat this till all the dirt or all the stains have been removed. 
  • Do not let too much water get soaked into the fabric of the cushions. If you are using this method, it is best to place the couch in a well-ventilated area, which gets enough sunlit. This will allow the couch to dry well. 
  • Also, you can air compressor or a high powered fan to dry the couch cushions. 
sofa cushions service
sofa cushions service

Cleaning Delicate Fabrics Couches

With sofa cushions that are made of very delicate fabrics, cleaning can be a little difficult. You will not be able to use too much water as that will damage the fabric. Therefore, for such cushions, you should use a shampoo for couch cleaning in Adelaide. Spray the shampoo from the sides onto the couch and use a handheld held cleaner to clean the chair & sofa cushions. With a handheld cleaner, you will not get any shampoo onto the couch itself if you do not want to. With brushes attached to the handheld cleaners, you can clean the crevices in between the cushions as well. After shampooing the cushions, let them dry completely. You can then vacuum the cushions for further cleaning and non-removable couch cushions cleaning.

chair & sofa cushions
chair & sofa cushions

Removing Stains On the Sofa & Couch

Cushions attached to the sofa often get stained or have grease spots. To clean these, you can apply a stain removal agent or a saturated cleaner on these particular spots before using an air compressor to clean it. Let the cleaner sit for a while (about 10 minutes). Once the cleaner dries on the surface, use the air compressor at a particular angle so that it blows off all the residue. Make sure the compressor is set at a low speed and that it is drawing out the maximum amount of residue. Clean the area with a dry, clean cloth or a paper towel. 

Cleaning Microfiber Couch

If you have a microfiber couch with attached microfiber cushions, then you will not be able to use the standard cleaning methods. Microfiber materials are usually stain resistant, but if they do get dirty, it is very difficult to clean them. To clean such cushions, first vacuum the surface. Apply vinegar to the affected areas and scrub. Once the cushions are cleaned, allow them to dry before fluffing them gently with a brush.

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